Data Helps Wyndham Hotel Group Deliver a Five-Star Experience

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The hotel company relies on technology to ensure that its rates and inventory are in sync across platforms.

Based on the insight from Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics, Wyndham then conducts A/B testing to optimize the customer experience. For instance, Wyndham tested changes to its products detail page about four months ago. In the test, the company showed visitors one of two site versions: The old version, which had heavy text and smaller pictures, or the new version, which features larger pictures that people could click on to expand and read further information. According to Reilly, the test resulted in a “pretty good lift” in conversions; although he declined to cite exact figures.

Having an on-the-move mentality

Given that travelers are on-the-go, Wyndham also uses Adobe's tools to monitor visitors' mobile activities. The majority of Wyndham's customers, according to Reilly, use the company's mobile app and website for “task-oriented” activities, such as checking rates or booking rooms. So, Wyndham has simplified its mobile experience to reflect its customers' behaviors. For example, if customers grant Wyndham access to their GPS location, the company can display the hotel closest to them and its rates on the mobile homepage. In fact, Wyndham won an HSMAI Gold Adrian Award for its mobile websites and app in 2012.

With all of its mobile success, Wyndham has no reservations about expanding. Currently, customers who access Wyndham's websites via a tablet only see the desktop version; however, Reilly plans to enhance the tablet experience by make the pages less crowded. Furthermore, he says the company is exploring new types of multimedia, including ensuring that all of its property images are shot in higher resolution so they'll render correctly in each customer interaction channel.

“We want to be in those channels that our customers use,” Reilly says.

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