Startup Mediacy offers ads on magazine cover wraps

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Mediacy, a startup launched May 1 from out-of-home ad veteran Michael Gitter, offers advertisers a way to target consumers by wrapping ads around magazines that are then given to different venues.

"We purchase the magazines from distributors, and our salespepople sell the ads onto the magazine covers," explained Gitter, the company's founder and CEO. "We then give the magazines away to different networks based upon the type of venues that the advertisers want us to reach."

In addition to wrapping the covers, ads can be placed inside the magazines using a proprietary technique. Mediacy's custom printing options include a take-away component using perforated pages.

"It's a win for the publication because they get added distribution, it's a win for the venue because they get free magazines, and it's a win for the consumer because the magazine doesn't exhibit as much wear and tear," Gitter added. "And of course, the advertiser gets a win, because they get the back cover, which they normally wouldn't be able to afford, at a fraction of the cost."

In addition to choosing which magazines they'd like to use — these include Life & StyleOK!Men's Fitness,Time, Time Out and New York — advertisers can choose into which network of venues their ads are distributed.

Venues include salons, spas, coffeehouses, restaurants and hotels that "run the gamut from independent and mom and pop to chains," Gitter said, in the following markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and South Florida. Clients include Showtime, LA Public Health, COX Cable, Summerstage and Random House.

"The response has been wonderful," Gitter continued. "For so many reasons, we feel it's the right product for the right time."

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