Ritz-Carlton Club launches member magazine

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Ritz-Carlton Club launches member magazine
Ritz-Carlton Club launches member magazine

The Ritz-Carlton Club, the fractional ownership arm of Ritz-Carlton, has launched Elevations magazine in a move to improve the owner experience, build loyalty and entice new buyers.

The quarterly publication will be mailed to current owners of Ritz-Carlton Club residences, as well as people who have opted in to the company's mailing list. The 50,000-rate base title will also be distributed in the common areas of Ritz-Carlton Residences. Editorial content will focus on luxury living, vacations and the areas surrounding Ritz-Carlton Club locations.

“The Ritz-Carlton Club has always been about a lifestyle, and we want to continue to communicate that,” said Beth Ridenour, director of PR for the Ritz-Carlton Club. “Members can use the magazine to stay abreast of what's going on and what they can take advantage of, and it goes beyond other touchpoints like the concierge desk and member services. It's just another way to communicate to them how they can further utilize what they purchased, and, for those who are not members yet, this is a great way to introduce them to the brand.”

Ridenour said the average reader of the magazine is about 43 years old and has an average household income of nearly $300,000. Seventy-three percent of targeted readers are married, and 80% have children in the household.

The Ritz-Carlton Club partnered with American Express Publishing Corp.'s Custom Solutions division to produce Elevations, which joins the long-running Ritz-Carlton magazine in the company's publishing repertoire. Ritz-Carlton magazine is distributed to Ritz-Carlton hotels.

Advertisers in the first issue include Land Rover, Ralph Lauren and Stonestreet Wines. An Elevations Web site is slated to launch by the end of the year.

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