RDA extends branding to grocery stores

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The Reader's Digest Association Food and Entertaining division has partnered with ShoptoCook to offer branded recipes in grocery stores.

RDA will be the exclusive media content provider and integrated sales resource for ShoptoCook kiosks, which offer recipes, shopping lists, tips and pairing suggestions to shoppers. Recipes and tips from the kiosks will now showcase RDA brands Every Day with Rachael Ray, Taste of Home and allrecipes.com.

“The kiosks provide a unique point of access to shoppers at the critical time in the grocery store when consumers are making their meal-planning decisions,” said Suzanne Grimes, president, RDA Food and Entertaining, via e-mail. “Providing this interactive, easy-to-use resource to shoppers with our branded recipes is an extension of our brands' promises at the time when our readers need our information the most.”

Grimes was unsure of the impact the program would have on magazine circulation, but indicated that the ShoptoCook program would probably increase the RDA audience. The ease of use and accessibility of the ShoptoCook kiosks, she said, would likely introduce new consumers to the RDA brands and provide an alternative touchpoint for active audience members.

“ShoptoCook represents a high impact way for us to continue the conversation with consumers and deliver trusted recipes at the point of sale,” she said.

The interactive kiosks will also incorporate RDA advertising partners — such as food brands and kitchen appliances — into their shopping suggestions.

“Our goal is to provide national exposure for our advertising partners through the kiosk program, which we are well on our way to accomplishing,” Grimes said. “It's a meaningful way for our advertising clients to influence shopper behavior and get them to expand their shopping baskets with their ingredients.”

The kiosks, currently in operation in Bloom, Brookshires, Spartan Stores and other grocery chains, are expected to increase sales and loyalty for their host stores. 

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