PennWell launches BioOptics World for select audience

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PennWell launches BioOptics World for select audience
PennWell launches BioOptics World for select audience

PennWell Corp. has launched BioOptics World, a magazine catering to the optical technologies and life sciences industry.

The first copies of BioOptics World were mailed to qualified readers found through purchased and in-house lists, requests from readers of other PennWell titles, and e-mail and telemarketing campaigns. All of PennWell's marketing is performed in-house.

Aimed at scientists, clinicians and biomedical researchers and engineers, the bi-monthly magazine has an initial circulation of 20,000.

The goal, said Christine Shaw, SVP of PennWell's technology group, is to be 100% direct request qualified by the end of 2008. She pointed out that the industry served by BioOptics World is experiencing rapid growth, creating a need in the market for a trade title.

“The emerging area of life science is in the use of lasers and imaging,” she said. “The technology that BioOptics focuses on was always covered vertically in [PennWell's] Laser Focus World, and it's a good time to take advantage of the space with a technical magazine.”

As part of the launch campaign, PennWell sent out press releases and a promotional e-newsletter. The company also placed ads in some related sister titles. There will be a launch party and a booth for BioOptics World at BiOS, an industry show this month.

The magazine's highly technical editorial affects its advertising content: All 16 advertisers in the first issue provide goods and services to the optical technologies industry.

A companion Web site joins the BioOptics World print product, along with a monthly e-newsletter. The site,, is updated daily and features news, products and podcasts.

PennWell publishes 74 print and online titles focused on such industries as oil and gas, electric power, water, fire, emergency services and dental, among others. The Tulsa, OK-based company also offers conferences and exhibitions, books, maps, Web sites, research and database services.

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