Newspapers use Kindle to boost long-term subs

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The New York Times, Boston Globe and Washington Post are leveraging consumer excitement over the release of the new Kindle DX in campaigns to boost their own sales numbers.

DX — the large-screen version of Amazon's e-reader — is currently available for preorder at, but Times, Globe and Post readers will be eligible for price cuts on the $489 reader in exchange for long-term subscription orders to the Kindle versions of the newspapers. The offer is available to readers who live outside the normal home-delivery area for the papers

“At the New York Times Co. [parent to both the Times and the Globe] we are always seeking new ways for our millions of readers to have full and continuing access to our high-quality news and information,” Arthur J. Sulzberger, Jr., chairman of the New York Times Co. and publisher of the Times, said in a statement. “Additionally, by offering a subscription through the Kindle DX to readers who live outside of our delivery areas, we will extend our reach to our loyal readers who will be able to more readily enjoy their favorite newspapers.”

The move is a great deal for the papers, which can now sell subscriptions farther and wider than ever before — and at a smidgen of the cost of printing and mailing the paper version. Readers, too, benefit: Subscriptions are automatically downloaded on the Kindle each morning and can be accessed just about anywhere through Amazon's WhisperNet wireless network.

As of September 30, The New York Times had and average circulation of 24,328 for electronic editions on weekdays. Not all of these are Kindle readers. The Times in print has an average paid weekday circulation of 976,337.

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