Consumer magazine launched for timeshare owners

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Consumer magazine launched for timeshare owners
Consumer magazine launched for timeshare owners

Perspective International Ltd. launched a new magazine, Owners Perspective, on July 10 to cater to timeshare and fractional owners worldwide.

Owners Perspective launched with more than 5,100 subscribers to its free digital edition, thanks to a promotional offer of 25 free timeshares for the first 25 readers. The print edition will start sending out paid subscriptions in January.

“We launched Owners Perspective because there was demand for it,” said Paul Mattimoe, president and CEO of Perspective International. “A growing number of timeshare owners continued to subscribe to and read [sister b-to-b title] Perspective even though it's not designed for them. I did a survey of timeshare owners at a conference and they said the main reason they read that was because they wanted to learn more about the industry. There was no way to get that information, so instead of adding more content to Perspective we created a magazine for them.”

Perspective International announced its new magazine just under three months before its launch and built buzz mainly through ads on its more than 220 online properties. The company also formed marketing partnerships with industry leaders to promote the new magazine and sell subscriptions. Many of these marketing partners used their own consumer databases to send promotional e-mails about the magazine launch.

Marketing partnerships will also play a role in the launch of the monthly print edition of Owners Pespective. Mattimoe said that a number of resort developers are planning to purchase yearly subscriptions as gifts for new buyers. Worldwide readership of the free digital edition is expected to reach 50,000-70,000 by the end of this year, and Mattimoe expects increased growth from there, both online and in print.

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