A new, digital day at DMN

Is Facebook Too Big to Fail?

Twitter Changes Reply Rules, Removes Barriers to Longer Tweets

Mailers Want a Quick-Fix Reform Bill, But Will USPS Go Along?

Shining a Light on the Tech Stack

We Get Surveys

Understanding Personas, Marketing's Secret Tool

Spotlight On: Google I/O

Request for Entries: Your Greatest Mistakes

Are Private Exchanges About to Have Their Day?

The Costs of Influencer Marketing

Does PrimeNow.com Put Amazon One Step Closer to Becoming a Logistics Company?

Great Debate: The Tension Between Customer Experience and the Bottom Line

Trail Blazers SVP: The Multifaceted Role of Today's Sports Marketers

Oh Mama, the Email Blasters Are Still Among Us

Lightning strikes the marketing cloud

Spotlight On: Facebook Trending Topics

ClassPass Price Changes Highlight Challenges of All-You-Can-Consume Businesses

On-Time Delivery of Mail Fell Precipitously in 2015

Twitter Got Trump This Far, Does He Need Email to Take Him the Rest of the Way?

Personalization Helps Marmot Improve Conversion Rates

Spotlight On: The NewFronts Continue Quest for Digital Dollars

Spotlight On: Snapchat's Increasing Social Media Power

U.S. Internet Ad Revenues Reach New High in 2015 at $59.6 Billion

A Day of Reckoning for Social Networks

The Lawyer, the Post Office, and the Union Man

Oracle builds on its marketing portfolio

The Debate Over What Ails Digital Media

Hypewatch: Bots, augmented audio and digital media

SAS Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary by Charging Forward

Does Your Data Management Need Some Spring Cleaning? [Infographic]

Ad Budgets Continue the Shift to Digital

3 Takeaways from the FTC's First Deceptive Marketing Case Under New Native Ad Rules

Jeff Smith Tapped as LiveRamp CMO

The 6 Stages of Digital Transformation

Account-Based Marketing Automation Comes to Eloqua

Pay Services Show Promise as Ad Blockers, Accenture Predicts

Yesmail Launches a Cross-Channel Campaign Platform

Washington Post: "Cheap Postal Rates Have a Cost"

Marketing Is Aging Like a Fine Wine [Infographic]

Twitter to Honor Those Who Master Direct Marketing Skills

Advantage, Remote Sales Tax

Macy's Main Marketing Star Exits

Facebook opens brand window to Messenger

You've Come a Long Way, Email!

Female Marketers Under the Microscope

Carper Bemoans Exigency's End, Pleads for Postal Reform

Citi Hits the Right Note With Fans Through Experiential Marketing

Two Takes on What it Takes to Be CMO

Pepsi Veteran Marcus to Lead Marketing at Peloton

Act Like You Belong in the Room

3 Musts for Marketing Leaders

From The Girls' Lounge to the C-Suite

Companies' Investments in Email Marketers Vary Widely [Infographic]

Job Postings and Salaries for SEO Are on the Decline

Sunday's the Day the Exigent Rate Goes Away

Amazon Same-Delivery Expands to 11 Metros, Now Covers 27

Campaigns Don't Cut It Anymore

The Right Data Can Drive Customer Action

Salesforce Aims to Up Its AI Game

67% of All Digital Ads Are Now Bought Programmatically

New Checkers campaign hijacks #FastFoodie hashtag

Amazon Offers Stiff Challenge to Digital Wallets

Dems Rule the Email Channel in Election 2016

Intel's Cloud Chips Could Elevate Martech

Amazon Prime Gets a Boost From Sprint

Target, Kohl's, and Macy's Take Easter Off

Is Personalized Content Just What the Doctor Ordered? [Infographic]

IBM to Acquire Key Salesforce Partner

Alabama's Poised to Battle Remote Sellers for Tax Dollars

Great Marketers Track Customers and ROI

Hootsuite Acquires Social Selling App

The Top B2B Industries on Social Media

PRC Tells the Postal Service to Account for Decline in Flats Service

FBI's Apple Hack Will Raise Privacy Concerns, Expert Says

USPS's Digital Mail Program Will Go Nationwide in 2017

At the NFL and Moët Hennessy, Collaboration Leads to Insight and Impact

McCann CEO: Direct Mail's Moment Has Come Again

Is Data Security Only a Myth? [Infographic]

What Adobe Brings to the 2nd-Party Data Party

Mail Pieces From Outer Space

It's Time to Be an Experience Business

PMG Brennan Hails the Dawning of a Digital Age at the Postal Service

Is It Time for a Data Ethics Revolution?

Packages Make Postal Service Sing a New Tune

Marketers Put Pedal to the Metal on Technology

Data Can Be a Marketer's Dream—or a Persistent Nightmare [Infographic]

U.S. Mail Beats Obama to Cuba

Uber Go Bragh

Fueling the Bern Through Multichannel Marketing

Healthcare Marketing Finds a Cure in Data

7 Ways to Make Social Metrics Sexy

4 Recommendations for Upping Your Marketing Game

Google to Take on Adobe With Its Own Marketing Stack

Is the FCC Ducking the Real Fight on Web Privacy?

On Martech: Forget the Quest for the Best and Buy the Really Good

5 Sports Marketer Success Secrets

Today, All Politics Is Digital

Don't Let Poor Technology Burst Your Content Marketing Bubble [Infographic]

"Never Stop Learning"

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