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Ongoing Editorial Opportunities

This Is How We Do It: First-person accounts of successful marketing initiatives or strategies. Contact: Elyse Dupre, elyse.dupre@dmnews.com

Best Case: Case studies that show measurable results based on a specific initiative or campaign. See the Editorial Beats list below to select a contact by the appropriate beats.Click on an editor's name to send an email.

  • Al Urbanski (Senior Editor)
    Al Urbanski

    Postal Regulations
    Direct Mail
    Data Privacy/Regulations
    Customer Privacy
    Behavioral Targeting
    Case Studies Related to These Topics

    Contact: Al.Urbanski@dmnews.com

  • Elyse Dupre (Special Features Editor)
    Elyse Dupre

    Omni/Multichannel Marketing
    Email Marketing
    Search marketing
    Social Media Marketing
    Mobile Marketing
    Display Advertising
    Direct Response/DRTV
    Case Studies Related to These Topics

    Data Analytics
    Segmentation and Targeting
    Marketing Technology

    Contact: Elyse.Dupre@dmnews.com