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Marketo, Zmags launch automation products

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Marketo launched revamped versions of its marketing automation and sales effectiveness products on May 24.

The enhanced products feature four key upgrades that Marketo chief revenue officer Paul Albright said will help to accelerate customers' revenue growth by 40%.

Albright said the products will offer improved agility, more social networking features, increased connectivity to other marketing and sales products, and “a lot more intelligence for analytics reporting and tracking.”

Along with unveiling the revamped products, the San Mateo, Calif.-based company laid out its four-year mission, in which it predicted it will have “a $2.5 trillion impact across its global customer base by 2015.”

“You always leave yourself open to calling an audible,” said Albright, in reference to the huge prediction. “If the world changes, then so be it. We're confident in the numbers we're sharing.”

He said Marketo will deliver on its prediction by focusing on four key service areas: increasing efficiency across all steps of customer acquisition, growing the number of opportunities for its clients, and improving average contact value and sales productivity.

Meanwhile, marketing software company Zmags also introduced a product called CommercePro on May 24. New CEO Michael Schreck said CommercePro offers “the technology to experience content online the way a direct marketer wanted you to navigate it traditionally.”

Schreck took over the top position at Zmags on April 11, succeeding co-founder Jens Karstoft, who stayed on as VP of strategic innovation.   

Schreck said that marketers can use CommercePro to turn traditional direct mail and catalogs into digital pieces, allowing consumers to transact directly inside the digital experience across all platforms.  

“CommercePro allows brands and retailers to transform content into engaging digital experiences across the broadest range of platforms – online, mobile and social – to increase revenue and develop the most complete understanding of their customers,” said Schreck.

The product's tablet functionality will also merchants to automatically mobilize content and commerce, he said. CommercePro also enables brands to publish e-commerce catalogs directly to their Facebook pages, and it can create a single unified shopping cart for every product inside an interactive catalog.

CommercePro's dynamic display windows also give customers product details and let them complete a purchase directly from within the catalog, said Schreck.

Schreck also said CommercePro can provide detailed analytics of the buying process, including conversion rates, order value, number of items per order and other actionable intelligence.

“There is no question there's a difference between offline and digital marketing,” he said. "With our product, you can design and customize the experience to meet online needs and test the offline experience.”

Zmags is a Boston-based company with more than 3,000 clients, including The Home Depot, McDonald's and Lockheed Martin.

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