Using a CPC campaign for webinar success

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Julie Mason
Julie Mason

Last week's SearchBuzz column discussed how landing pages and linking are two key ways to achieve a search engine optimization (SEO) benefit from your webinar program. This week we'll take a look at how your company's webinars can benefit from your online search campaigns.

Most marketers turn to cost-per-click (CPC) advertising to promote a company's product or service. And CPC advertising can be an extremely effective way to give your webinar program a boost. Here are our top tips for using a CPC program to market online events.

First, when selecting your keywords, choose them based on potential audiences. Some people may know about you and your webinar and search for it by name, while others may not know about it, but are seeking advice on the topic you're covering. Split these people into separate ad groups. For example, if you are offering a webinar on SEO tips your ad groups would consist of people searching for your specific company name (keyword examples: “company X webinar” or “company X SEO tips”), general or specific SEO advice (“SEO tips,” “How to optimize Web sites” or “Building backlinks”) or a company to help them with SEO (“Web optimization companies” or “SEO consultants”).

Not surprisingly, the purpose of your ad copy should be to entice people to view your Webinar. To do this, hint at the benefits and end results to be gained from viewing the event. And tailor the ad copy to the various ad groups mentioned above. Here are two examples of enticing ad copy:

SEO for Beginners Webinar
The SEO Tips That the Web Agencies Don't Want You to Know About!
SEO Top Tips Webinar
10 Ways to Immediately Start Improving the SEO of Your Web site

Next, make sure your campaign is set up so that it is optimized for your target audience. Take a look at your potential audience. When are they most likely to search? Where are they located? What sites do they look at? Based on these criteria, target your campaign geographically, by time of day and to specific sites in an ad network to get the best results.

Finally, set up clear conversion goals so you can measure how many webinar registrations and/or views were generated from each keyword and amend the program accordingly. One last item to consider is to create a few landing page variations and test which ones result in the best conversions. You can then adapt and retest your landing page copy to create a page with optimal conversion. Once you've determined what this page is you can focus all your search engine marketing efforts there and feel confident that every visit has the best possible chance of converting.


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