TiVo Teams With NBC for Fall

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Personal video recording company TiVo is airing a half-hour program in conjunction with NBC that touts the network's fall lineup and allows TiVo users to automatically record any new program featured.

The "Fall Season Preview Show," which premiered Oct. 1 and is airing nationally on the network, highlights each of NBC's new shows and is hosted by "Will & Grace" star Megan Mullally.

The show is formatted with TiVo's Ipreview technology, making it possible to click a button and instantly program the system to record the first show or every show of the season -- basically making the preview show an infomercial for NBC. The ability to respond directly to the show, as well as to record it and use it later to program a personal schedule, has many added benefits, said Stacy Jolna, chief programming officer at TiVo.

"The show gives TiVo great exposure but also adds a new kind of interactivity to a fall lineup," Jolna said. "An individual with TiVo can record the show itself and later use it as a channel guide to introduce them to these new programs. This means that advertisers for these shows are getting viewers to automatically program a whole season in one touch of a button."

Meanwhile, even cable operators are getting in on the TiVo game. Showtime recently announced that it would embed the Ipreview technology into all its on-air promotions.

"The initial hesitation to TiVo has waned some as on-air and cable networks realize we can work together," Jolna said. "These companies had invested in us, and now we are using those connections to add this type of interactivity to as many previews as possible."

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