State Sues Magnetic Pad Promoter

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A firm that marketed magnetic mattress pads and infrared lamps in the mail misled consumers into believing the pads could relieve various health complications, the Washington state attorney general's office said last week.

N.W. Global Network also failed to return the money of consumers who requested refunds, said the attorney general's office, which seeks unspecified penalties in state court. The company targeted consumers with complications that cause chronic, debilitating pain, according to the charges.

Consumers received mailings claiming that the mattresses relieved backaches, arthritis, fibromyalgia, stiffness, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and sleep disorders, while the infrared lamps relieved joint stiffness from arthritis or osteoporosis, muscle spasms and pain from circulatory problems, according to the charges. The company claimed the offer was risk-free and carried a "100 percent satisfaction guarantee."

About 190 consumers, including 94 Washington residents, filed complaints that they have not received requested refunds, the attorney general's office said. Consumers lost about $1,200 on average, according to the charges.

N.W. Global Network operated from an office in North Bend, WA, since the start of 2002 but abruptly closed in November, the attorney general's office said.


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