Private Labels Ease Compiled Confusion

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Confused about compiled lists and why you keep getting the same names from different compilers? One solution is to choose a private label compiler for all your list needs.

Private label or branded compiled lists are groups of lists maintained by particular companies that resell data available from public sources under their trade name. While other resellers use generic list names which can cause confusion, Lawyers Master Database, for example, private label files have an identity and certain guarantees.

PCS Mailing Lists, Peabody, MA, guarantees 95 percent deliverability and use of the most up-to-date source documents when renting its private label compiled lists. As PCS president Jim Healy explained, resellers are basically selling the same data that is available from a small group of original compilers. Resellers differentiate themselves with their knowledge of the process.

"The private label takes away the worry about accuracy and deliverability,'' Healy said. "The key is to know the source documents, which is often a lot of work for a list buyer. List buyers need to know about the integrity of the list itself.''

By using a private label compiler, a mailer will receive all the data from the same exclusive source and thus avoid the duplication inherent in the reselling of public information. The compiler verifies the accuracy of source document data and modifies it in some way to distinguish it from another broker.

"The proof is in the list they actually get,'' Healy said. "Many brokers come to use for compiled lists because they don't have to worry about the source document, what's the year of the source document, when was the list last cleaned, questions that buyers ask. The quality and integrity you get from a private label would be analogous to what Sears Roebuck does with its Sears Craftsman tools. They buy from Black & Decker and put their trade name on it.''

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