Pozen builds marketing team as it preps drugs for market

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Company: Pozen

Team size
: 8

What's new: 
Preparing for
 digital age 
of medical 

Pharmaceutical company Pozen is building its marketing staff and soliciting digital advice from industry leaders despite being in the long process of readying products for the consumer market. 

The Chapel Hill, N.C.-based company currently has a small but flexible marketing team led by Elizabeth Cermak, EVP and chief commercial officer. Mark Matthews, VP of sales and marketing; Jennifer Shallow, director of market research and analytics; and Clint Burrus, VP of customer development, all report 
to Cermak. 

Stephanie Bonestell, director of public relations and investor relations reports to both Cermak and William Hodges, CFO and SVP for finance and administration. Cermak reports to John Plachetka, chairman, president and CEO. 

"One thing about this reporting structure is that you wear a lot of hats," says Cermak. 

The company also has a digital advisory board to keep it well versed on interactive marketing. The group includes Raj Amin, cofounder and CEO of HealthiNation; B. Bonin Bough, director of digital and social media at PepsiCo; and LivingSocial CFO John Bax. 


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