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Company: eMusic

Team size: 20

What's new: Creating business partnerships and rewards programs for members

Subscription-based music club eMusic organizes its marketing efforts — and its marketing and business development chart — to emphasize its benefits for members. “Our communications are set up across the membership experience, to make sure there is consistent messaging,” said Lee Nadler, CMO of eMusic. “Obviously, there are different channels that we use to connect with potential members. Some are more brand focused, like print and out-of-home, and others are more direct-response-driven, like online marketing, e-mail marketing and so forth.”

EMusic segments its marketing employees into four divisions under Nadler, who joined the company in January. Four vice presidents oversee acquisition marketing, retention marketing, corporate communications and business development. The acquisition unit manages brand and direct response marketing, while the retention team oversees member communications and access and rewards programs. Social media falls under corporate communications, while the business development unit forges partnerships with other brand marketers. 


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