One Tough Question at DMA2013: Is Data Killing Creativity?

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As marketers' use of data intensifies, some fear that creativity will suffer. Is that the case or is data a boon to the creative impulse?

Experts from Wilde Agency, OgilvyOne New York, zednext, and Adobe came together at DMA2013 in Chicago to weigh in on whether data and creativity are like peanut butter and jelly—or oil and water:

  • Nancy Wilde, Chief creative officer, Wilde Agency: "With access to data we can make communications and messaging that's more relevant, more timely, and more effective."
  • Zain Raj, founder & CEO, zednext: "Data is just a thing, it's an enabler...if data is created in a way and structured so we can get to understanding what is in there...and get some insights out of it, then that can build brilliant, big ideas."
  • Alfonso Marian, chief creative officer, OgilvyOne New York: "With what's going on now in the digital space and all the information we get from everyone, I think it's key that [creativity and data] become good friends."
  • Jeff Allen, director of product marketing for analytics, Adobe: "If the point of your creative is to convert an audience, then data will be helpful to you. If the point of your creative is to confuse people and it's modern art, then yeah, data will hurt your creativity."

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