NY bill threatens online ads

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NY bill threatens online ads
NY bill threatens online ads
“We as marketers need to remember that at the end of the day, our business is about serving consumers,” he said. “From an industry perspective we should be thinking about giving the best con­sumer experience possible and making it easy for them to opt out.”

Still, Jalli said he thinks that legislators should use language that would prevent the prohibition of behavioral targeting.

While Sopris did not say how the bill would be enforced, he did say that it could go further than New York. The bill could be especially problematic for those businesses that do online business across state lines and globally.

“This could be the impetus for a larger federal piece of legislation, but that's something we'll have to wait and see about,” he said.

Connecticut is also proposing a simi­lar bill in the current assembly session. In an e-mail to DMNews, Jerry Farrell Jr., commissioner of consumer protec­tion in Connecticut, said “Connecticut has not passed a law barring the track­ing of consumer behavior online. There are legislative proposals that have been made that would deal with some aspects of such tracking. But, at this point, they are strictly proposals and would need to work their way through the legislature by early May, in order to become law.”

The proposed New York bill is cur­rently in the Consumer Affairs Commit­tee, and will be sent to the floor when the proposal has been finalized.

The issue of consumer privacy online is not a new one. Last November, the FTC met with nine privacy organiza­tions, including the Center for Democ­racy and Technology, Consumer Action, Consumer Federation of America, Pub­lic Information Research, Privacy Jour­nal and World Privacy Forum, about implementing a do-not-track list that would protect consumers from having their online activities tracked, stored and used by marketers and advertising net­works without their knowledge.

The list would require advertisers that use tracking technologies on consumers' computers to register with the FTC all domain names of the servers involved in the tracking. There is currently a cookie available from the FTC that consumers can download to see individual sites' tracking habits. No legislative action on this proposal has been taken yet.

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