Newsletters Top List Price Index Again

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Newsletters continue to be the highest priced mailing lists and respondents the lowest while business magazine with controlled circulations have experienced the greatest price increase in the last 12 months, according to the latest Worldata List Price Index comparing August 98 prices of lists in 13 categories with those from a year ago.

Newsletter list had a straight average price of $149 per thousand names in August while business magazines/paid circulation were the next most expensive at $130. Business magazines/controlled circulation were up $5.44 per list to $123 while consumer merchandise buyers increased $5.08 to $74.

Respondent lists averaged a low of $64 with donors and consumer merchandise buyers at $74. Consumer book buyer lists showed the smallest price increase of just over $1 followed closely by respondents.

The survey also revealed:

* Inquiries/expires showed the greatest percentage increase of 6.4 percent with consumers merchandise buyers up 5.8 percent. Consumer book buyers showed the lowest increase of one percent.

* Newsletters were most expensive on a weighted basis, which takes into account the universe size of each list in a category, at $132 followed by business magazines/controlled circulation at $131 and attendees/members at $124.

* Database/master files showed the greatest weighted increase by going up $12.22 with inquiries/expires next at $7.56. Business merchandise buyers and consumer book buyers showed the smallest weighted increase of less than a dollar.

Worldata, the Boca Raton, FL, list, database and Internet firm, has been providing the price index to the list community on an annual basis since 1987.

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