News Byte: Top 10 Marketing Buzzwords of 2013

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The buzz: Be positive, strategic, innovative, and driven.
The buzz: Be positive, strategic, innovative, and driven.

If marketers want to truly be creative—the word they use third most—they'll post the following list above their computers and keep a thesaurus open on their desktops in order to distance themselves from the rest of the content crowd. LinkedIn's annual Overused Buzzwords list was released today, and this is the Terrible 10 for marketers:

1. Responsible
2. Strategic
3. Creative
4. Effective
5. Innovative
6. Expert
7. Competitive
8. Driven
9. Organizational
10. Positive

Despite all the supposed differences between professionals in sales and marketing, their vocabularies are starkly similar, according to LinkedIn. Salespeople share nine favorite words with their marketing counterparts, but substitute “dynamic” for “positive.”

Both camps clearly need to work on their attitudes, however. Number five on LinkedIn's general compendium of Overused Buzzwords list was “patient”—a word noticeably absent from both the marketing and sales lists.


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