News Byte: Monetate Aims to Accelerate Online Customer Acquisition

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News Byte: Monetate Aims to Accelerate Online Customer Acquisition
News Byte: Monetate Aims to Accelerate Online Customer Acquisition

In marketing today speed is of the essence. Marketers who can react to customers relevantly and in real time are more like to engage those customers. Digital marketing-tech provider Monetate launched two products it says aims to help marketers do just that. The new products, Monetate Email and Monetate Displa, are part of the Monetate Acceleration Cloud.

Montetate Email is designed to enable marketers to send emails that are personalized in real time when customers open them, rather than prior to sending the emails—increasing their relevancy. According to Monetate, the tool allows marketers to segment customers based on online behavioral triggers, thus better aligning the email and website experiences in terms of consistent content, messaging, and offers.

Montate Display aims to help marketers attract high-value customers through better placed, highly targeted display ads. The tool integrates with many display ad networks, so Montetate users can make ad buys directly through the Monetate Display interface. The tool also includes a calculator designed to allow marketers to set performance parameters for specific customer segments, as well as estimate the cost of reaching those targets. Additionally, according to Monetate, Display coordinates customers' journey from ad click to website, creating a consistent and seamless experience.

“Smart marketers realize that the consumer no longer reacts to disconnected brand messages designed to push a transaction rather than build a relationship,” Bruce Ernst, vice president of product management at Monetate, said in a statement, adding that “…brands [need] a deeper understanding of their customers [to] deliver consistent, winning experience across any screen, in any channel, in the moment and over time.”


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