News Byte: ePrize Rebrands as HelloWorld

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Hello World CEO Matt Wise
Hello World CEO Matt Wise

ePrize, a marketing and promotions service platform, announced a complete rebranding under the new name HelloWorld. This comes after 15 years of business, five acquisitions, millions of dollars in R&D, and six product releases.

“The name ‘ePrize' was great when we just created promotions,” says Hello World CEO Matt Wise. “The products we're offering are so much broader than they were when we started 15 years ago.”

The name HelloWorld serves a few purposes for the company and the industries it serves. “What does a person say when they meet a person for the first time? They say hello,” Wise says. “That's what a promotion does. It sparks interest and starts a relationship between a brand and the consumer.”

Additionally, “hello world” is a generic phrase used by engineers and other technology professionals to test whether a particular new piece of software works. “[HelloWorld] speaks to the engineer and also speaks to the marketer, so this is a great name for us,” Wise says.


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