News Byte: Eloqua Partners With Bizo

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News Byte: Eloqua Partners With Bizo
News Byte: Eloqua Partners With Bizo

Eloqua announced a partnership with Bizo today aimed at giving greater latitude to B2B marketers in retargeting key prospects through marketing automation. If a prospect decides not to open a gated whitepaper, for instance, he can be served with display ads for the document while visiting another site.

“Ad focus capability is really essential,” says John Stetic, VP of products at Eloqua. “It allows you to roll display advertising into your Eloqua campaigns, and you can do highly targeted messaging and pay only to advertise to the people you're targeting.”

Bizo CEO Russ Glass claims the combination adds up to increased ROI. “More visitors to company websites convert into known contacts,” he says, “known contacts move faster down the funnel, and marketers can squeeze more out of their Eloqua platform without needing to add to their teams."


You have until Wednesday, December 7 to get your entries in. Learn more here.

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