News Byte: 10% of Executives Believe CMO-CIO Collaboration Is Where it Needs To Be

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News Byte: 10% of Executives Believe CMO, CIO Collaboration is Where it Needs to Be
News Byte: 10% of Executives Believe CMO, CIO Collaboration is Where it Needs to Be

Only one in 10 marketing and IT executives believe collaboration is at the stage it needs to be, according to “The CMO-CIO Disconnect” released today by Accenture.

But is one side fighting for a coalition more than the other? According to the study, 77% of CIOs dub marketing and technology alignment as important compared to only 56% of CMOs. In fact, many marketers seem to be on a quest for independence. Forty-five percent of CMOs want to enable marketers to leverage data and content without consulting IT, and 49% of IT leaders agree that marketers often introduce technologies without considering IT's standards, the study cites. This disparity causes frustrations on both sides. Thirty-nine percent of CMOs argue that the IT development process cannot keep up with the speed of digital marketing, and 40% of IT executives claim that marketers change their requirement and priorities too frequently, according to the study.

And although CIOs claim collaboration is important to them, they may not be living up to their word. The study states that less than half of CIOs surveyed (45%) say that marketing and IT alignment is at the top of their to-do list. Yet, CMOs and CIOs seem to be on the same page when it comes to marketing's agenda. Marketing and IT both list gaining better customer insight and competitive intelligence as their top marketing priorities (54% and 51% respectively) followed by reaching and engaging markets more efficiently and effectively (51% and 53% respectively). However, CIOs place more value on analytics. According to the study, 45% of CIOs list tying website and digital engagement analytics to business outcomes and transactions as one of their top-five priorities compared to 33% of marketers.

Notably, the two departments fail to see eye to eye when it comes to IT's priorities. Thirty-eight percent of CIOs list advancing platforms for marketing measurement and campaign optimization as a top-five priority compared to 32% of CMOs. Likewise, 26% of CIOs say introducing closed-loop campaign measurement and tracking capabilities is a high priority compared to 19% of CMOs.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. CMOs and CIOs acknowledge that the bickering has to stop. In fact, 45% of marketing executives and 47% of IT executives believe their relationship with the other has improved the most compared to other C-suite roles. To keep the peace, Accenture advises companies to refer to CMOs as chief experience officers. The study says this title will help other C-level employees view the executive as someone who drives consumer-centric measures. In addition, Accenture encourages marketing to view IT as a strategic partner, rather than just a platform, and search for key levers to help promote integration.


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