Millard Wins Sporty's Roster of Files

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Millard Group Inc., Peterborough, NH, was awarded list management of the Sporty's catalog files, effective immediately.

Sporty's Pilot catalog file has more than 144,500 last-12-month buyers who are primarily affluent male pilots who spend an average of $95 per order. They purchase items for pre-flight and in-flight use as well as luggage, clothing, jewelry, glassware, plaques, stationery, posters and other items.

Sporty's Preferred Living catalog list has more than 54,100 last-12-month buyers who are 62 percent male with an average household income of $75,000. They spend an average of $135 per order on home maintenance and leisure products.

Sporty's Tool Shop catalog file offers over 51,200 last-12-month buyers who are 71 percent male with an average age of 45, household income of $75,000 and an average order of $75 on tools.

Sporty's Wright Bros. Collection catalog list has 23,900 last-12-month buyers. These buyers are 71 percent male with an average age of 45 and an average order of $85 on collectible aviation-related products.

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