Lowe's is crowdsourcing Vine ideas for its #FixInSix campaign

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As one of the first brands to use Vine as a marketing platform, Lowe's received plenty of praise for its #FixInSix videos. While it outsourced the original series concepts to a visual artist, Lowe's now wants its customers to send in their own #FixInSix Vine ideas.

The original series, made up of six-second videos made by visual artist Meagan Cignoli (the winner of this year's Digital Entrepreneuer of The Year Award at The Hubbies) were highly creative visualizations of tips, tricks and how-tos for home repair. Check out some of her work below:

Lowes Fix in Six Vines from Meagan Cignoli on Vimeo.

Lowe's is hoping it can leverage the creativity of the crowd for some fresh ideas by asking customers to submit their concepts via Twitter and get artists/influencers like Cignoli to create videos based on them.

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