Letter: Advertising's Dirty Little Secret

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Kudos on Tim O'Leary's recent article in DM News ("Advertising's Dirty Little Secret," May 22).

I work for a direct response agency in the Philadelphia area, where I lead creative efforts for our automotive clients. I can't tell you how often my team's would-be effective direct response pieces get crushed, mangled and re-sculpted into horrific (and sometimes incoherent) monstrosities at the hands of the frustrated novelists and filmmakers at XYZ Brand Agency.

With regard to how his movies are incessantly snubbed by the Academy, Woody Allen once said, "Comedy sits at the children's table." Well, with regard to how DR fits into the greater advertising world -- its role beside brand agencies, in particular -- direct mail is the napkin children use to wipe their mouths.

Anyway, thanks for putting the truth out there in black and white. I'm just glad someone did so.

Greg Ippolito

Copy director

Harte-Hanks Direct



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