HSN Direct Plans Astrology Network Infomercial

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HSN Direct International, Fort Lauderdale, FL, and the International Trading and Manufacturing Corp. (ITMC) teamed up to produce an astrology network and an accompanying infomercial that features astrologer Eugenia Last. The infomercial, which is currently in production, is due to roll out in the first quarter after a test period.

"It is consistent with what we normally do," said Mike Sullivan, COO of HSN Direct. "This is not a psychic network. It is based more on timing than forecasting."

The name of the program is "The Timing of Your Life." It will be an interview format with intermittent testimonials. The offer is a customized star chart based on the position of the planets and stars when a customer was born. The chart is a 30-day chart with a 60-day horoscope. The package costs $29.95 and there is an additional offer to become a member and receive charts on a regular basis.

The product has been tested in print media and Sullivan said, "the response has been real positive."

"This is a product that people can put on their bookshelves, it looks like something from Barnes & Noble," he said. "The idea behind astrology is to let people know of cycles that are coming up in their lives."

Last has become one of the premier astrologers since Jean Dixon died. She is syndicated in newspapers throughout the world and has appeared on television. It was her uncle who told her she had a gift to use astrology and encouraged her to study it and not give up on it.

"When Dixon passed away, the mantle, if you will, was passed on to Eugenia," said Sullivan. "There is some science to astrology. The ancient Egyptians and Mayans used stones to chart the stars and would plan their planting seasons around them. When they saw a particular star coming up on the horizon they would know that spring is approaching and its time to plant."

You have until Wednesday, December 7 to get your entries in. Learn more here.

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