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HotSocket Inc. has debuted SMART 4.0, an updated version of its software-based service that allows firms to collect Internet viewer data and to use it to target prospects and customers across multiple channels.

SMART combines data-mining marketing software with hands-on management services offered by HotSocket.

The software uses XML coding, which allows marketers to implement data captured online into their telemarketing, wireless ad and interactive television promotional efforts.

Dev Bhatia, CEO of the firm, said prospect/customer profiles can include purchase history and shopping habits to enhance the upsell potential across marketing channels. He said the service can help a marketer target customers and prospects according to the days of the week on which they recently made the most purchases.

The software/services package allows marketers to use the data to target banner ads and special offers to individual viewers or to run promos for hot sellers regardless of visitors' interests. SMART also contains features that can be used for e-mail and telemarketing follow-up offers.

HotSocket, New York, has used several partnerships with third-party data-mining software providers to enhance SMART in areas such as e-mail campaigns and customer acquisition.

"The Internet has failed a lot of marketers because Web media [have] not lived by metrics used by traditional direct marketers," Bhatia said.

SMART, which launched in 1999, is being marketed to various industries. Bhatia mentioned digital subscriber line service providers and credit card marketers as possible targets. He said pricing varies according to the industry, but marketers can expect to pay between $20 and $40 per customer acquisition.


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