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Share this content:, an environmental services and donation site, has a new design, an additional sponsor and a new project that visitors can support.

The site's improved home page includes project highlights, eco-information and featured offers for saving more land. The new design also incorporates tabs dividing EcologyFund's services into six categories: home, donate, totals, resources, get involved and about us.

Yacumama Lodge is the new sponsor. The lodge is an eco-resort and wildlife sanctuary in Peru. For each booking, EcologyFund will purchase 10 acres.

The new project is the American Chestnut Foundation's 20-year program to backcross a blight-resistant American chestnut and reintroduce it to the forests of the eastern United States and Canada. Visitors can contribute by visiting a site on the plant-a-tree page to help plant a tree; by registering at MyPoints, JobsOnLine, or to ensure the planting of an American chestnut seedling in the foundation's research farm in Meadowview, VA; or by registering at Coolsavings to plant one-half of a tree.

You have until Wednesday, December 7 to get your entries in. Learn more here.

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