DMA Faults Senate for Inaction on Moratorium

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The Direct Marketing Association expressed extreme disappointment today with the Senate's inability to reach a consensus on extending the moratorium on Internet access taxes.

According to a statement by the DMA, the Senate's inaction derailed efforts to resolve the debate before the moratorium expires Sunday.

The moratorium's end opens the possibility of states imposing taxes on monthly Internet service provider charges, potentially putting another brake on the slowing U.S. economy and e-commerce in particular, the DMA said.

"We are deeply disappointed that the actions of a few senators were able to derail the timely extension of this important piece of legislation, which has near unanimous support," said H. Robert Wientzen, president/CEO of the DMA.

Earlier last week, the House of Representatives passed an extension of the moratorium.

"We believe that, immediately upon returning, the Senate should sit down and hammer out an agreement for a moratorium on Internet access taxes that lasts for four to five years but no less than two," Wientzen said.


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