Are CMOs the New Mr. Robotos? [Infographic]

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Marketers now dedicate a quarter of their budgets to IT spending.

Automation, widgets, and apps can make marketers seem less man and more machine. Although CIOs still lead the way in terms of IT investments, marketers are catching up quickly. Business-led IT spending accounts for 40% of CIOs' budgets, according to recent data by advisory company CEB. In addition to this expenditure, marketing dedicates 25% of its budget to technology and sales allocates 23%.

Marketing and sales rely on technology to boot up new opportunities. For instance, 37% of sales and marketing technology enablement is reserved for analytics, according to CEB. Collaboration (25%), process automation (22%), and customer interface (16%) are also tech priorities.

But marketers and salespeople aren't the only employees who depend on technology. Today, employees across organizations are not only using company-provided tools, they're also investing in their own gadgetry for their jobs. According to CEB, 64% of employees use personal devices for work purposes. Furthermore, 42% of staff members rely on external resources of information and nearly 25% acquire their own tools for collaboration and analysis. In fact, not all employees are pleased with what their companies have to offer. Less than half of employees surveyed (42%) deem their company's collaboration tools effective, according to CEB. Likewise, just 38 and 39% said the same for their organization's analysis and mobility tools, respectively. 

And while technology may help some employees process data, others prefer to use their own mortal ability to do so. According to CEB, just 38% of employees considered themselves “informed skeptics”—people who judge analyses, listens to others, and are OK with disagreements. Nineteen percent of employees surveyed described themselves as “visceral decision makers”—people who seldom trust analyses and often make decisions on their own—and 43% are “unquestioning empiricists”—people who over-rely on analyses.

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