AfterMarket, Love Doc Light Agents Fire

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Inbound telephone agents for The AfterMarket Co., working on an infomercial campaign for a study guide to the art of love, are getting personal with the product they promote, as well as with the callers buying it, the teleservices agency said yesterday.

Phoenix-based AfterMarket encouraged its agents who were taking sales calls in response to infomercials for Ellen Kreidman's "Light Your Fire," a series of audio programs on improving personal relationships, to use the product. Doing so allowed them to share personal experiences with callers, the teleservices agency said.

Kreidman's audio program launched for the first time via infomercials in 1985. The product includes 12 audiocassettes or compact discs split into two groups, "Light His Fire" and "Light Her Fire," along with a study guide and a video.

Dedicated phone numbers are displayed during infomercials for the product to ensure that when consumers call they always reach one of the specially trained agents at AfterMarket's call center. Kreidman personally helps to train the agents about the product.

She initially trained a test group of agents and later returned to train more, AfterMarket said. A third training session has since been scheduled.

Results of the campaign were not released.


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