Advo Snares Its Highest Response to Shared-Mail Package in 2001

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Advo Inc. said yesterday that overall response to its ShopWise shared-mail package rose a full percentage point to a company record 43 percent in 2001.

The company also said response to the package stayed stable throughout 2001 despite economic worries, the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 and concerns about mail safety.

The results were from a survey Advo has conducted annually since 1994 with NFO WorldGroup. The survey is based upon responses of more than 49,000 Americans collected monthly throughout the year.

The survey found that "among those households that receive our packages, 43 percent made one or more purchases as a result of advertising that was in our package in a seven-day period," said Susan Roberts, director of marketing research, Advo.

Advo attributed the increase in response to a change in consumer behavior after the attacks and the company's efforts to hone its targeting capabilities.

"Despite the challenging economy, the tragic events of 9/11 and the concerns around mail safety," said Dave Barber, Advo's senior vice president and chief marketing officer, "we found that consumers need to feel in control, and one of the things they can control is where and how they spend their money and time, which our package allows them to do."

Barber also said Advo is continuing to hone its targeting capability.

The research also provided insight regarding U.S. consumers and their use of shared, value-focused mail in 2001. Results, for example, showed that a large majority of consumers like advertising mail that helps them make smart shopping decisions and save money. Eighty-two percent describe store circulars and fliers as useful, well above the positive reaction to other types of direct mail.


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