18 People in Marketing You May Not Know...but Should

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Not all influencers are well-known; that doesn't make their impact any less potent.

Marketing-Tech Matchmaker

Scott Brinker is the very definition of a subtle-yet-prolific influencer. By day Brinker is CTO and cofounder of marketing apps company Ion Interactive; he moonlights as the owner and founder of one of the top marketing-tech blogs in the business, chiefmartec.com.

Brinker has published LUMAscapes and presentations whose virality had a significant impact on the marketing industry in that they illustrate just how extensive and complex it is. His book, A New Brand of Marketing: The 7 Meta-Trends of Modern Marketing as a Technology-Powered Discipline, explores and evangelizes the future of marketing and IT collaboration, as does his rhetoric at conferences.

Brinker's momentum and influence in the marketing world will crescendo this August at the inaugural MarTec, a marketing-tech conference he's launching. The conference's advisory board includes notable names in the space such as Eduardo Conrado, SVP of marketing and IT at Motorola Solutions, and Virginia Sharma, VP of marketing at IBM North America.

“Go back 10 years and marketing and IT were the most diametrically opposed components of a business,” Brinker says. “In today's world digital and businesses have to engage with customers in these incredibly savvy ways. Marketing and IT are hitched together and it's exciting. I'm one of many voices that hopefully put the spotlight on how people are doing this.”

–Perry Simpson

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