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What is Marketing Mavens?

You know how you're awesome at your job and totally clued in about what's going on in your industry? Well, Marketing Mavens is a social rewards system from Direct Marketing News that incents you with badges and points and other rewards for your knowledge and for completing certain actions on But you have to be logged into the site to participate. So, click here for details.

Do I need to log in to participate?

Indeed you do. You can log in with your Direct Marketing News username and password. If you don't have an account yet—don't fear. It's easy. Just click "Register" in the top right-hand side of any page on to get started. Ah yes, and it's free, of course.

How do I get points?

You can earn and accumulate points by performing (emphasis on perform—you are joining the circus, after all) a variety show of different actions on, ranging from reading an article to sharing content on a social network. The number of points you earn varies according to the achievement. For example, you'll snag 25 points for a visit, but 700 points for submitting a listing to our online Directory.

As you build up points, you'll rise from level to level, ultimately achieving the coveted position of Ringmaster. Each time you achieve a specific action, the number of points you've earned for it will conveniently pop up at the bottom of your screen. We've also set up a series of missions for you. Each mission is comprised of a series of actions. Do the actions, complete the mission, and then sit back and reap the glory.

What if I don't see my points right away?

If you submit a Directory listing, Direct Marketing News editors will review your submission and assign you points manually within two business days. These points will not show up immediately after submission.

What are the badges for and how do I get them?

In addition to points, certain actions are rewarded with small icons representing the actions you take. These are displayed in a popup at the bottom of the screen.

How do I add a profile image?

Click on "Settings" located in the top right of the Marketing Mavens widget on the right-hand side of the site and select "Upload a picture from your computer." You can also change your profile page, which you can access by clicking on your profile image.

How do I disable the pop-ups?

Click on "Settings" located in the top right of the Marketing Mavens widget on the right-hand side of the site and then click the "Hide browser notifications" box.

Can I opt out of having my activity published?

Registering on automatically enrolls you in Marketing Mavens. Any applicable site activity can be published in the various activity leader boards. If you would prefer not to have your activity published, you can change this by selecting the "Settings" button within the leader board and deselecting the "Publish Activity" tick box. You can also opt out by emailing us at

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