Louisiana Sends DNC Bill to Governor

Louisiana lawmakers have passed a do-not-call list, making their state the fourth this year to send such legislation to their respective governors for approval.

Consumers will be able to register for the list for a $5 fee. Calls made for nonprofits, market research, political purposes and existing business relationships are exempt.

To obtain the list, telemarketers must pay $100 per quarter, register with the state and post a $50,000 bond. The bill calls for penalties of $1,500 per violation, or $3,000 per violation for calls made to registered consumers older than 65.

The list will go into effect Jan. 1 unless Gov. M.J. "Mike" Foster vetoes the bill.

Earlier this month, legislatures in Indiana and Colorado passed DNC list bills. The Wyoming Legislature passed a bill earlier this year requiring telemarketers to use the Direct Marketing Association's DNC list, the Telephone Preference Service.

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