Leon Henry Debuts 4 Home Protection Insert Programs

Leon Henry Inc., Hartsdale, NY, introduced four new package insert programs, all related to home protection for repairs, purchases, credit card fraud and more.

The PC SafetyPlus program mails 370,000 packages yearly. PC SafetyPlus combines virus protection and a personal firewall with parental controls and more.

The Hot-Line program mails 220,000 packages a year. Hot-Line offers fraud-liability protection in case of credit card loss or theft, card number theft or fraudulent use of credit cards.

The Buyers Advantage program mails 210,000 packages annually. Buyers Advantage offers coverage and protection for the purchases consumers make as well as on some items they already own.

The National Home Protection Alliance program mails 150,702 packages yearly. The alliance offers its members protection to repair or replace major home appliances and systems.

All of the programs cost $55/M.

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