LCS Golf, Mailnet Form Partnership

LCS Golf Inc., a permission e-mail marketing, database management and interactive marketing solutions provider, has signed an agreement with Mailnet Services Inc., a marketing services company specializing in Internet marketing applications technology.

LCS Golf, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, is a wholly owned subsidiary of iFusion, an integrated marketing company. LCS Golf also administers a vertical golf portal, which it has used to accumulate a 2 million-record database. It offers targeted marketing and advertising campaigns centered on the golf and travel demographic.

The agreement allows e-marketing clients of MSI, Nashville, TN, to use iFusion's database management and deployment technology platform and for iFusion to provide direct marketing services using MSI's MailnetExpress, an Internet-based messaging product that fully automates direct mail, fax and e-mail marketing campaigns, from creative development to final delivery.

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