Knight-Ridder: Commercial Print Revenue Down

Commercial print revenue for publisher Knight-Ridder Inc. was down in December as the company saw across-the-board revenue declines in 2001, the company said.

The decline in commercial print was evident in the company nonadvertising and noncirculation revenue, which fell 41 percent to $8.9 million in December 2001, compared to December 2000. For the year, revenue in the category fell $133.4 million in 2001, a 25.2 percent decrease compared to 2000.

Overall revenue for Knight-Ridder in 2001, including advertising and circulation revenue, fell 8.2 percent to $2.9 billion, compared with $3.1 billion in 2000. The company said it faced soft markets for all its major revenue-generating businesses, although general and classified revenues were down slightly less than they had been in November.

Knight-Ridder, San Jose, CA, is the nation's second-largest newspaper publisher and operates two newsprint companies.

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