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The premiere issue of a catazine from specialty "tween" retailer Justice arrived in homes last week with hopes that girls and their parents will want to shop for fall clothes even amid an August heat wave.

The 52-page, back-to-school catazine features many of fall's latest styles and previews how various outfits are put together. It mailed to nearly 1 million tween girls ages 7-14.

This is the second catazine for fashion-conscious tweens from Tween Brands Inc., New Albany, OH, which also owns Limited Too. The two brands differ in that Justice's prices are, on average, 25 percent lower and its stores are mainly in strip centers instead of malls, Tween Brands spokesman Robert Atkinson said.

Also, Limited Too's merchandise is slightly more fashion forward, with Justice carrying a larger percentage of fashion basics across categories such as apparel, accessories and footwear. The brand also stocks lifestyle products such as home decor items for a girl's bedroom.

However, Tween Brands research indicates that some crossover exists between shoppers.

"Our database suggests about 40 percent of customers who shop Justice have also shopped Limited Too in the past 12 months," Mr. Atkinson said. And among the best Justice customers are also some of Limited Too's best customers, he said.

"This suggests we are taking market share from those we are intending to, not cannibalizing our own brand," he said.

The Limited Too catazine carries advertising, something Justice may do in the future. Advertisers who have appeared in the Limited Too catazine include Firefly Mobile, Walt Disney Records, DreamWorks and Procter & Gamble Co.

The company also plans additional direct mail to the Justice mailing list, including birthday cards. Two more catalogs will mail during the holiday shopping season. In 2007, Justice plans to raise the number of issues to eight.

Tween Brands' mailing lists are compiled from telephone numbers collected at the wrap desk inside stores. The company has 10 million customers in the Limited Too and Justice databases combined.

Tween Brands launched Justice in January 2004 and operates 116 Justice stores nationwide. In 2005, the company introduced a Justice loyalty program called Justice Fun Card. It rewards customers for shopping at certain times of the year -- spring, back to school and holiday -- and encourages them to return to use a $10 discount during a specific redemption period.

The company hopes to make its now-informational Web site at www.justicejustforgirls.com a shopping destination next year, Mr. Atkinson said.

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