Jones to Lead Grizzard-Philadelphia

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Weeks after opening an office in Washington, DC, Atlanta-based Grizzard has announced the selection of Rena Jones to lead a new Philadelphia office focusing on psychographic analysis and marketing.

The new office will work with clients who focus on industries that benefit from studying their customers as individuals, rather than as a group.

"It will be highly psychographic," said Jones, whose title will be senior vice president. "In certain industries, there are reasons it makes economic sense to segment individuals from a database."

The marketing technique the new office will embrace include sending different finely-segmented mailings to various parts of the database and will focus on industries such education, weight loss, retail and household products, Jones said.

"A creative piece does not only look like one answer for everyone," she said. "For example, in weight loss, something may be segmented for men interested in weight loss vs. women. Then it may be segmented for working women and stay-at-home moms, as well as teen-agers and people who are going away for college."

In addition, the agency will help companies such as large catalogers who want to attract several different types of customers through one book. In this case, the agency will work on helping a company design its book so different sections are tailored to the different types of customers.

"There are some companies that may want to go out with a piece that will come back attracting me, my mom, my daughter, my father and my husband," Jones said.

Examples of ways other industries may be psychographically segmented include the computer industry, where customers are interested in specific uses of computers; the photography industry, where people buy film or equipment for different reasons; and the travel industry, where different types of people take different types of vacations.

"Retailers often use newsprint -- and they flood the market with their ads," Jones said. "They know that people come in and buy suits and dresses, but do they know who is coming in?"

Segmentation of company databases will be done in part by talking with companies about who they feel their customers are and testing creative pieces against a controlled piece.

Separately, Grizzard's Los Angeles office changed its name from Hemmings, Birkholm and Grizzard to Grizzard effective last month.
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