November 2007 29 43 Issue of Direct Marketing News

November 2007 29 43 Issue of Direct Marketing News

The Work

Dimensional mailer generates 20% response rate

Having a good relationship with building owners and property managers is a must for Captivate Network, which sells advertising on over 7,600 TV screens inside ...

News Articles

<i>House and Garden</i> to fold

Condé Nast's House and Garden magazine will fold after publishing its December issue. The magazine's Web site, will also close at the end of ...

IAC break-up will create five DM companies

With the approval of its board of directors, IAC will be divided into five publicly traded companies: IAC, HSN, Ticketmaster, Interval International and Lending Tree.

NBC, Ogilvy execs talk engagement at ad:tech in NY

Last week, at ad:tech New York, executives stressed the importance of creative as technology improves.

FTC will collect $7.7 M from violators of Do Not Call list

The Federal Trade Commission is continuing to crack down on companies and individuals accused of violating the Do Not Call Registry, which totals 145 million ...

Sears' new strategy: Web 2.0

Sears' latest marketing campaign doesn't just celebrate the holiday season — it's also pretty upbeat about Web 2.0's potential as a marketing strategy.

Tapping CRM for custom experience

Retail and customer relations marketing are closer than ever, thanks, in part, to technological advances, the ubiquity of retail loyalty programs and the burgeoning power ...

Facebook Ads now available for marketers

Last week, social networking giant Facebook debuted Facebook Ads, an ad system that lets consumers recommend products to friends and allows corporate profiles. The three-part ...

Retail slump to spur 'e-tail'

Retail stocks displayed some vulnerability last week during a turbulent few days for the markets. Wal-Mart, Target, Macy's, Sears and Home Depot all took a ...

Next from Microsoft: social media tools

Microsoft Corp. launched the next generation of Windows Live last week at ad:Tech New York. The new platform gives users a new set of social ...

Direct mailer saves $500,000 by recycling

In an effort to decrease the cost of its waste removal and reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfills, direct mail and marketing ...

CondéNet introduces new customized book service

CondéNet, the interactive division of Condé Nast, and TasteBook, the founders of a new print-on-demand book publishing service, are offering consumers a new way to ...

Google's update to PageRank sparks controversy

Every so often, search engine marketers are reminded that they are at the mercy of much larger powers within the online ecosystem. The recent update ...

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Founded in September 2009, Stirista is an integrated marketing agency that specializes in micro-targeting via traditional and digital channels. Our mission is to help companies, non-profits, and universities alike find new prospects and better understand their existing contacts. We are on the preferred vendor list for a handful of Fortune 500 companies with three of the ten largest companies in the world turning to us for marketing insights. To put it simply, we're young (at least at heart), ambitious, and sometimes impulsive-but always hungry for new ideas.

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Founded in September 2009, Stirista is an integrated marketing agency that specializes in ...