June 2008 30 26 Issue of Direct Marketing News

June 2008 30 26 Issue of Direct Marketing News

This Is How We Do It

Spotlight conversation: Marketing on the move

SiteSpect's Hansen on tackling mobile marketing


Yellow Pages actually quite green

Every advertising medium from time to time fights an urban myth of the "alliga­tors in the sewer" sort. For example, the Yellow Pages industry, which, ...

Learn how prospects read mail

I'm forever amazed at how out of touch some marketing people are with the way real people interact with ad messages. Take direct mail, for ...

Gloves Off

How should the US push the census?

Professional marketers know it is difficult to get accurate, timely data from many sources. Two experts debate the best way to apply DM knowledge to ...

Main Feature

Surf's up on the mobile Web

With more smartphones in consumers' pockets, mobile marketers are working to optimize their craft. Dianna Dilworth reports.

Vertical Feature

Emotional connection

Marketing electronics online has become less about technical specs and more about tapping into lifestyles and brand experience, Melanie Shortman Tuazon reports.

The Work

Creative campaigns from McDonald's, Nikon, and Bradenton Area CVB

McDonald's franchises find flexibility with ad network; Nikon social networkers get snap happy; and Bradenton Area CVB viral e-mail drives to Florida.

Nailed It

DMNews talks with Adam Burke, SVP of customer loyalty at Hilton Hotels Corp.

Adam Burke, SVP of customer loyalty at Hilton Hotels Corp., discusses what keeps the chain's 21-year-old loyalty program, Hilton HHonors, fresh and growing.

People News

Are personality assessments effective for DM employers?

While interviewing perspective employees to join my firm, I noticed that sometimes it could be like Jekyll and Hyde. I'd hire the person and then ...


Small e-mail M&As are big on strategy

Earlier this month, online services firm Protus acquired GOT Corporation, which counts among its divisions the Campaigner platform. A week before that, e-mail marketing services ...

News Articles

House looks to protect SMBs' interests online

The US House of Representa­tives Small Business Committee Subcommittee on Regulations, Healthcare and Trade held a hearing to discuss the state of the online advertising ...

Jim Beam touts its inner 'stuff'

While Jim Beam's marketing has long focused on the quality of the drink inside the bottle, the brand's new effort is a high-concept, cross-channel campaign ...


Hotels of the World tasks Didit with the SEM for its brand

Leading Interactive Reservations LLC has chosen Didit to manage search engine marketing for its brand, Leading Hotels of the World. After talking to "several agencies" ...


How you can highlight the 'R' in CRM

Customer relationship management may be a highly technical sector, but it has a touchy-feely core. Four experts share how CRM can help you connect organically ...


Toolbox: Sending large files, using new media and using databases in slow economy

Sending large files in the wake of rising delivery costs; using databases to minimize the effects of the slower economy and using webcasts, videos and ...

Third Screen

Maxim debuts dial-to-download 'hottie' campaign

AlphaMedia Group is running a full page house ad in the July Maxim, which encourages consumers to "call and get a hottie wallpaper on your ...

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Company of the Week

SK&A is a leading provider of U.S. healthcare information solutions and databases. As part of IMS Health, SK&A researches and maintains contact and profiling data for over 2 million healthcare providers, including 800,000+ prescribers. SK&A's data supports research and marketing initiatives for life sciences, medical device, managed healthcare, direct marketing, publishing, education and more. SK&A's proprietary databases are telephone-verified twice per year from its world class Research Centers. SK&A enables multi-channel marketing and sets the standard for data quality and reliability. SK&A's customers include many of America's most recognized healthcare, publishing and pharmaceutical institutions.

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