July 2008 30 27 Issue of Direct Marketing News

July 2008 30 27 Issue of Direct Marketing News


Widgets drive Web readers

Hearst's Chris Johnson talks about using social applications to increase online circulation.


Group mentality driving consumer behavior

Less than two years ago, after Time declared "You" as its person of the year, marketers spent lots of time brainstorm­ing ways for consumers to ...


Adapting your acquisition strategy

Marketers are making dramatic changes in acquisition strategy as rising costs threaten the most effective means of acquiring new buyers — direct mail.

Gloves Off

Does accountable pricing help SMBs?

Now that advertisers can purchase online ads on a CPC, CPA or CPL basis, many small and midsize businesses can place ads next to larger ...

Main Feature

Print Central

Centralizing direct mail production can maximize marketing efficiency, Chantal Todé reports.

Vertical Feature

Market to Uncle Sam

The US government spends trillions of dollars on products and services each year. Mary Elizabeth Hurn explores how to target the right decision makers.

The Work

Creative campaigns from Gore-Tex, Levi's and JG Wentworth

Gore-Tex consumers burn rubber with contest for footwear brand, Levi's online contest fashions results, and JG Wentworth DRTV ad sings praises of targeted marketing.

News Articles

C21 revamps Web strategy

Century21 Real Estate LLC is leveraging its strong brand with new interactive tools to make real estate easier for consumers to find. The real estate ...

HSAN, CPX hook up for vote

To encourage young people to reg­ister to vote in the upcoming presidential election, online ad network CPX Interac­tive has teamed up with nonprofit organi­zation Hip-Hop ...

Blood drives look to social networks for willing donors

Social media applications, such as Facebook and Twitter, are expanding beyond their utility of connecting with friends and being used to encourage people to donate ...


France's eBay ruling may affect the US

On June 30, the Paris-based Tribunal de Commerce ordered eBay to pay $61 million to French luxury goods group LVMH for allegedly allowing the sale ...


Breastcancer.org looks at search in Web site revamp

Searching for a treatment for breast cancer is an emotional experience — not a time for a frustrating search. So, when it was redesigning its ...


Lifestyle segments offer prime targets

Lists that focus on lifestyle can reap big results, from the gay and lesbian market and DINKs to Catholics and the military. Four experts show ...


Implementing online campaigns, getting started in mobile and selling online ads

Maximizing online campaigns beyond technology; making sure revenue isn't affected by unsold ad space; and choosing the right partner to execute a mobile campaign.

Third Screen

VH1 campaign puts mobile spin on classic

VH1 is hoping to attract music fans with a new interactive campaign, running in bars across the country, that uses a broadband-enabled, jukebox-like digital device ...

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