July 2014 Issue of Direct Marketing News

July 2014 Issue of Direct Marketing News

• Cover Story: 18 People in Marketing You May Not Know—but Should • Analysis: Is Postal Reform Becoming One Big Cluster…Box? • CMO Confidential: A Chat with Pandora CMO Simon Fleming-Wood • Case Study: Oreo Is One Smart Cookie • In-depth: The 3 Gifts of Content Marketing • Best Case: MINI Customers Drive Its Marketing • Marketing Challenge: When Marketing and Sales Collide • + more...

Best Case

The Maestro of Multichannel Marketing

Opéra de Montréal used an ensemble of print and email to increase revenue by 450%.

Omnichannel Totally Rules at Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon is all about fun content—but when it comes to understanding its audience, there's nothing the TV network takes more seriously.

MINI Customers Drive Its Marketing

The auto brand's marketers let customers get behind the wheel of its latest campaign.

CMO Confidential

Thumbs-Up to Disruptive Brands and Authentic Narratives

Pandora CMO Simon Fleming-Wood acts on the believe that "the product is the marketing."

Marketing Challenge

Marketing Challenge: When Marketing and Sales Collide

The head of marketing operations is doing just as much selling as marketing, sans the commission her sales colleagues earn. How should she handle it? ...

Leading by (Poor) Example: Answers

The VP of marketing has been a little lax in his definition of the term "business expense" and it shows. See how our readers would ...

Case Study

Oreo Is One Smart Cookie

Oreo might have turned 102 this year, but the beloved cookie brand's marketing is still nimble—and social—enough to take a bite out of the competition.

Special Feature

The 3 Gifts of Content Marketing

Content brings dialogue, emotion, and relevance to the brand-customer relationship.


A Snapshot of the 21st Century Marketer

Today's marketer needs to be digital, mobile, social, personal, and always on.

The Marketers' Big Data Playbook

Marketing pundits share their top four game plans for Big Data.

Marketers' Love-Hate Relationship With Preference Centers

6 preference center pros and cons that marketers should consider to improve the customer experience

Busting Myths on Email List Hygiene

Experts weigh in on the realities behind four email list hygiene myths.


Pressure Prevents Marketers From Scoring Their Goals [Infographic]

Can today's players get their heads in the marketing game?

Word to the Wise

Word to the Wise: Hadoop

So, what is Haddop exactly?

Fast Facts

Fast Facts: July 2014

Some quick info hits to keep you up-to-date, including the percentage U.S. consumers who prefer to access content online.

Marketing Chatter

Marketing Chatter: July 2014

See what our tweeps have been getting up to this month. Follow us @dmnews.


Delivered: Insurance Mailers

What's in our mailbox this month: Insurance mailers. See which ones cover all their bases—and which ones, not so much.

Delivered: Outdoor Gear Emails

What's in our inbox this month: Emails from outdoor gear companies. Some of these just need to take a hike.


The One-to-One Future Is Now

Editor-in-Chief Ginger Conlon offers her take on what it means to make an impact on the marketing industry.

Main Feature

18 People in Marketing You May Not Know...but Should

Not all influencers are well-known; that doesn't make their impact any less potent.

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