January 2009 31 2 Issue of Direct Marketing News

January 2009 31 2 Issue of Direct Marketing News


Recession not an insurmountable challenge

I don't want to hear any more about continuing economic gloom. After weeks of dismal retail sales (despite all my shopping), round after round of ...


So what if I don't want to engage?

In customer retention and loyalty marketing, the buzz phrase of the moment is "engagement market­ing." While a vital piece of any acquisition program, its use ...

Vertical Feature

Cell phone evolution

As more choices create a crowded and competitive sector, more mobile phone marketers turn to cutting-edge strategies.

Nailed It

DMNews talks with Chris Masagatani, director, NY for e-mail agency eROI

Chris Masagatani, director, NY for e-mail agency eROI, discusses how his firm worked with CBSsports.com to revamp the latter'sfantasy sports newsletter.

People News

What should agencies keep in mind about the direct marketing business when hiring?

The agency business, often led by direct marketing, is fundamentally re-orienting toward accountability and collaboration. This means that all kinds of agencies must work together ...

Online Exclusive

Problem Solver: How can you stretch a tight pay-per-click marketing budget?

In an effort to cut costs, your CMO has reduced pay-per-click (PPC) marketing budgets (despite it getting the best ROI of any tactic), yet still ...

Direct Choice

Data, personalization key to converting offline mailer into online visitor

As 2009 begins, many top analyst firms are predicting marketing budget dollars will be redirected. The premise is quite simple: It's easier to keep a ...

News Articles

Obama asks for DTV switch to be delayed

President-elect Barack Obama has asked Congress to delay a planned switch from analog to digital television broadcasting, saying many consumers relying on analog TV sets ...

Can digital marketing save retail?

Many bricks-and-mortar and e-commerce retailers showed disappointing figures over the holidays, despite predictions that sales would either stay flat or rise slightly.

As economy wanes, mobile Web blossoms

Mobile phone adoption is grow­ing in spite of the economy, and marketers are taking advantage with new mobile initiatives.

Diet firms compete in new year

Countless people make New Year's reso­lutions, many focused on diet and health. And, no one is more aware of this fact than marketers of weight ...

Publishers Clearing House brings PCH Trivia to iPhone

The Publishers Clearing House Online Network (PCH) has teamed up with social media site TriviaTown.com to develop a mobile trivia application called PCH Trivia for ...


Angry fun on a bun

If you've got a beef with someone you know, Burger King has a way for you to vent. To help promote its new Angry Whopper, ...


Opportunities increase along with Internet-savvy Hispanic population

This winter, some marketers are getting a rare glimpse at a growth market: The US-based online Latino population. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, most ...


Lists help reach Hispanics across sectors

Hispanics now make up 15% of the US population, and this group is growing fast. Four industry experts discuss how to use mailing lists to ...

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SK&A is a leading provider of U.S. healthcare information solutions and databases. As part of IMS Health, SK&A researches and maintains contact and profiling data for over 2 million healthcare providers, including 800,000+ prescribers. SK&A's data supports research and marketing initiatives for life sciences, medical device, managed healthcare, direct marketing, publishing, education and more. SK&A's proprietary databases are telephone-verified twice per year from its world class Research Centers. SK&A enables multi-channel marketing and sets the standard for data quality and reliability. SK&A's customers include many of America's most recognized healthcare, publishing and pharmaceutical institutions.

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