August 2009 Issue of Direct Marketing News

August 2009 Issue of Direct Marketing News

This Is How We Do It

Online marketing gets the business

Rutgers Business School is betting on the Web to gain students, says the school's marketing director, Eric Koomen.


Editorial: Marketers can take steps to prevent data breaches

Arrests were made last week in the largest data breach case ever - 130 million credit card numbers were stolen earlier this year from five ...

Testing with Google TV can save money

A year's worth of research conducted by Google TV has little to offer in terms of consumer viewing revelations, but the program has much to ...

Gloves Off

Do oversize postcards add value to mailings?

The rush to stand out in the mailbox, as well as advances in mail technology, has led some marketers to consider larger mailers. But are ...

Main Feature

Publishers cross the digital divide

With challenges in print well-documented, newspapers and magazines find that boosting readership requires a multichannel content strategy

Vertical Feature

SaaS isn't a softer sell

Marketers of software-as-a-service platforms bring consumer tactics to b-to-b when looking to highlight the advantages of their offerings

The Work

Creative solutions from, Tourism Ireland

Sub Rosa chief creative Michael Ventura shares thoughts on's social media campaign and Tourism Ireland's direct mail piece.

Nailed It

DMNews talks with David Kimrey of

David Kimrey, senior manager of business intelligence at, discusses the company's use of pre- dictive modeling to customize its marketing messages

Expert Advice

What do e-mail marketing firms look for in potential employees when filling positions?

When it comes to our people and potential candidates, there is one common value we seek: Passion. When meeting with a candidate, we want to ...

Direct Choice

Kodak's move into DRTV is savvy

Kodak has been breaking new ground in its use of multiple channels to promote their cost-saving printer line. Most notable is its use of short- ...


Digital music marketers turn up the volume

Marketers are looking for ways to further capitalize on the growing interest among consumers in digital music.

News Articles

Sears finds customers responding to thrifty offers

With its layaway program proving to be popular among Sears and Kmart customers for back-to-school, Sears Holding Corp. has launched a new program designed for ...

Breaches spotlight data security

Data breaches continue to vex marketers. Three men were indicted this month for stealing more than 130 million credit and debit card numbers, according to ...

Catalogers profit from cost cuts

Though well-known catalog brands like Sharper Image and Smith & Hawken have gone out of business, and other mailers are dramatically cutting circulation, the sun ...

SpotMixer powers video in AdWords

Google AdWords users have a new option for creating in-stream video advertising now that SpotMixer's self-serve video ad creation platform has been integrated within AdWords' ...

New FTC regulations put limits on robocalls

A new FTC rule goes into effect on September 1 prohibiting prerecorded commercial telemarketing calls to consumers, also known as robocalls, without written permission from ...


Meetings granted

British Airways has extended its "Face-to-Face" campaign, a nonprofit effort to promote entrepreneurship in tough times, by launching "Business Opportunity Grants." It worked with digital ...


Keeping pace with mainstream social media

Social network membership is growing among Americans, according to a recent Forrester Research study. The most rapid growth has occurred among consumers 35 and older; ...


Get the most bang for your mailing list buck

Buying and renting mailing lists can be an expensive proposition, but it's still an essential part of direct marketing. Four experts share how you can ...


Toolbox: CRM, Web, retail, loyalty

Experts discuss how to improve your reputation with Twitter, remain competitive in a slow economy and more.

Third Screen

AP and NYT find marketers warm up to ads in iPhone news apps

More companies are advertising on iPhone apps as the mini programs gain popularity. For publishers like The New York Times and the Associated Press, offering ...

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Company of the Week

SK&A is a leading provider of U.S. healthcare information solutions and databases. As part of IMS Health, SK&A researches and maintains contact and profiling data for over 2 million healthcare providers, including 800,000+ prescribers. SK&A's data supports research and marketing initiatives for life sciences, medical device, managed healthcare, direct marketing, publishing, education and more. SK&A's proprietary databases are telephone-verified twice per year from its world class Research Centers. SK&A enables multi-channel marketing and sets the standard for data quality and reliability. SK&A's customers include many of America's most recognized healthcare, publishing and pharmaceutical institutions.

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