August 2009 Issue of Direct Marketing News

August 2009 Issue of Direct Marketing News


Engage social networks' members

In February, Facebook asserted ownership over anything its members posted — the unspoken message being that to access their content, users would need to stay ...

Editorial: Events offer opportunity to gather actionable data

While the recent Red Sox-Yankees series results were depressing for me and other Sox fans, it did give me an excuse to check out the ...

Gloves Off

Has new media changed copywriting?

New media has changed the timing, the technology and the reach of campaigns. Agency creatives debate whether it has had a fundamental impact on the ...

Main Feature

Billboards come to life by adding mobile

For EZ Lube, a car maintenance franchise based in Southern California, mobile marketing has brought the marketer's billboards to life and given its customers a ...

Vertical Feature

From TV set to PC screen

TV marketers no longer can rely on launch-time buzz. They must reach viewers year-round where their product is consumed — online.

The Work

Creative solutions from TW Telecom, Bibby Financial, Monsanto

See what Nicholas Plat, ECD at Rapp, thinks of TW Telecom's integrated IT software campaign, Bibby Financial Services' Facebook campaign, and Mansato's "Cotton Community" social ...

Nailed It

Nailed It: Tolithia Kornweibel, director of online marketing, Esurance

Tolithia Kornweibel, director of online marketing at Esurance, discusses the firm's growing commitment to geo-targeted promotions based on its strong performance in tests.

Expert Advice

How do I know I am interviewing with the best company for my experience and goals?

A job search can be daunting — particularly in today's economy. You'll ask, Is the position you've identified a match for your skill set? Does ...

Direct Choice

Verdict on Microsoft campaign: Bing-O

Bing, the new search engine — sorry, decision engine — from Microsoft, launched in June with a slate of TV spots, print and online ads. ...


Mobile leaders recoil from the spam trap

Because mobile phones continue to evolve and consumer adoption is still growing, mobile compliance can be a tricky area. While mobile spam is not new, ...

News Articles

FT, others float Web subscriptions

Newspapers, buffeted by this year's downturn in print advertising revenue, are increasingly looking to new online revenue strategies. The Financial Times (FT) is the latest ...

New categories in 2010 DMNews Buyers Guide

The second edition of the annual DMNews Buyer's Guide — a comprehensive list of direct marketing service providers and creative agency partners — will include ...

Jiffy Lube road-tests its first loyalty program

Jiffy Lube is looking to build customer loyalty with a new rewards program it launched at the beginning of the month. The first loyalty program ...

OPA study questions ad networks

The Online Publishers Association threw down the gauntlet with a study released August 13 that questions the advertising effectiveness of ad networks and portals.

USPS revisits schedule for branch closures

In the wake of declining mail volumes and over-the-counter retail transactions, the US Postal Service has updated its stance on closing postal branches nationwide. In ...

Toshiba takes on town names in UGC push

To promote its new model of laptops, Toshiba went hyperlocal to two American towns: Normal, IL, and Boring, OR. In the "Normal vs. Boring" campaign, ...


One-to-one marketing requires data commitment

Business-to-business marketer Janus Capital Group launched a Web site last month as part of a digital strategy to reach customers and prospects one-to-one.


VDP's evolution leads to many new options

Some marketers don't always understand how sophisticated variable data printing can be, because they haven't used it extensively. Four experts discuss what VDP offers to ...

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SK&A is a leading provider of U.S. healthcare information solutions and databases. As part of IMS Health, SK&A researches and maintains contact and profiling data for over 2 million healthcare providers, including 800,000+ prescribers. SK&A's data supports research and marketing initiatives for life sciences, medical device, managed healthcare, direct marketing, publishing, education and more. SK&A's proprietary databases are telephone-verified twice per year from its world class Research Centers. SK&A enables multi-channel marketing and sets the standard for data quality and reliability. SK&A's customers include many of America's most recognized healthcare, publishing and pharmaceutical institutions.

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