April 2010 Issue of Direct Marketing News

April 2010 Issue of Direct Marketing News


Service helps loyalty initiatives

Zappos brand marketing manager Michelle Thomas discusses how the company's customer service focus has helped it engender loyalty.


Don't get hung up with direct marketing's image

Over lunch recently with the leader of a major direct marketing agency, I had the conversation again. You know, the one about the term direct ...


Relevant e-mails avoid 'mental opt-out'

How many times have you opened your inbox to find the same old message from a company that seems to contact you almost every day, ...

Audit transparency helps ensure ROI

The cost of creating and maintaining a current and quality database has never been cheap. But does an investment in currency and quality translate to ...

Gloves Off

Should direct marketers prioritize creative?

A number of traditional direct marketing companies have recently made top creative hires. Two experts discuss whether service providers should focus on creative talent, or ...

Main Feature

Roundtable: Inbox success driven by data integration

Marketers deal with many moving media parts today. E-mail, with its low costs and sophisticated segmentation capabilities, is often at the heart of the media ...

Vertical Feature

Marketers aim for authenticity

Many marketers are incorporating multichannel marketing campaigns that target specific audiences to help attract consumers based on their cultural framework into their overall marketing plan.

The Work

The Work: Steaz, Chilton Memorial, KCSM

Steaz reaches out through mom blogger, Chilton Memorial tries variable data, KCSM tunes up awareness with direct mail.

Expert Advice

What do I need to know to land an account director gig at a direct marketing agency?

In today's competitive market, experience, tactical expertise, education and a mantel-full of industry awards may not be enough to land you a job, let alone ...

Direct Choice

IPad pre-order: An engaging prospect

Apple is well known for its progressive digital marketing approach, and it is a no-brainer to market pre-orders to the faithful Apple audience. It's not ...

News Articles

Twitter kicks off Promoted Tweets

Twitter launched its Promoted Tweets service, which allows advertisers to buy sponsored links on the social networking site, on April 13.

Marketers grow internal use of direct and digital

CMOs are stepping up their use of traditional direct marketing tactics, including customer data integration and analytics, lead qualification and harvesting and performance measurement, according ...

Worldata: List prices stable

Marketing list prices were stable or showed growth this year vs. spring 2009 in most sectors, according to Worldata's Spring 2010 List Index. The only ...

USPS and Congress trade barbs

Members of the House of Representatives committees that oversee the USPS argued on April 15 that five home-delivery days per week would further erode mail ...

Higher earnings signal marketing recovery

First quarter earnings for the majority of advertising holding companies showed significant gains over last year's numbers, a clear sign that the advertising market has ...

Sears loses lead marketer to HP

Sears Holding's SVP of marketing, Richard Gerstein, resigned from his post last week to become SVP of strategy and worldwide marketing for the personal systems ...


User-generated content gains steam from mobile, social

Marketers are finding new ways to employ user-generated content, especially video and photos, in their campaigns.


Inserts expand despite perceived threats

As more marketers move away from print, favoring tactics such as online billing and statements, the insert media marketplace may seem threatened. However, experts say ...

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Founded in September 2009, Stirista is an integrated marketing agency that specializes in micro-targeting via traditional and digital channels. Our mission is to help companies, non-profits, and universities alike find new prospects and better understand their existing contacts. We are on the preferred vendor list for a handful of Fortune 500 companies with three of the ten largest companies in the world turning to us for marketing insights. To put it simply, we're young (at least at heart), ambitious, and sometimes impulsive-but always hungry for new ideas.

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Founded in September 2009, Stirista is an integrated marketing agency that specializes in ...